ギリシャのDomés International Review of Architectureが主催するコンペティションに参加し佳作に選ばれ、Benaki museumにて1/10スケールの模型の展示を行いました。



Domés International Review of Architecture, following ROOM18, launches the International Design Competition COOK8. COOK8 has as its subject the design of an interior dining space for 8 people, of an area of 24 – 30m2. The space must include:

  • A preparation area (conservation, readying, preparation, cleaning, storage of foodstuffs and utensils)
  • A consumption area
  • A hygiene area (WC and washbasin, together or separate).

The aim of the competition is the formulation of new ideas on the design of a meeting-place for people on the occasion of the preparation and consumption of food as means of socialisation. What is looked for is the creative re-interpretation and overtaking of the usual approaches which are a function of the conventional building and management arrangements of catering premises (private or communal dining-room, club, commercial restaurant, café, cafeteria, snack-bar, fast food outlet, taverna, canteen, etc.).

The three awarded entries will be realised on full scale (1:1), at the Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece.


Hiroshi OTA